Undone Unwound

by Lost Wolves

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released December 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Lost Wolves Providence, Rhode Island

Just some kids who like to play doom punk from RI.

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Track Name: Tribute
When I first left you I felt a heartbeat, now when I return the air is thick. The windows have grown old, the handles have rusted. A ghost arrived, or I’ve just grown colder.

Hanging to the room, undone and unwound. A figure in my mind, with hope as a wound.

Remembering the times your lips quivered, telling tales of those better left dead.
Track Name: Rise, Renaissance Man
And I hear the words, leaving your lips, but the way they quivered wasn’t quite the same. They weren’t your words, just clever lines, from some book, or some movie. I keep telling myself that it wasn't real. But I feel it, every fucking day.

And the world swirls towards death unimpeded, death unimpeded its promise too soon. Maybe I should take some time, set things right, maybe I should live through these days of strife. Because we are not our failures, friends, family or that loneliness. I know it’s pervasive, I know it’s persuasive, but don’t let it take a hold of you.

Oh here they come again, these thoughts unending. And these sheets are a web, a tangle, a trap. I won’t accept this unending daze, unauthentic, unrealistic, lethargic. Don’t let them take a hold of me.
Track Name: ROT_N
Please tell me I’ve learned lessons from my father, because some days it feels like I’ll never go further, than passing the days, wading in waste.

I thought fighting tooth and nail would ward off these traits, but in these moments of weakness withers a subconscious, my lips let out breaths of words I did not know. They were your words, the ones I fought tooth and nail. Well, those nails cracked and creaked and your spirit enveloped me. I still fight so desperately.

It feels as if every mistake is repeated. How many times until I grasp those feelings, paranoia megalomania, genius with fevers. Are these the thoughts of your paralysis? I still fight so desperately.
Track Name: Ghosts.
Snow sets in freezing you again. Left your life to run away. I wish the snow would turn to rain, things too pretty for my taste. How do those shores warm your core? When the waves pull you under, who do you call?

Consciousness, overwritten.
Maladies, conscripted.

Join my march on a world. Harm humanity with no fate. Six months and a little war, coup d'etat topped with gore. a new city. Only for ghosts.
Track Name: Night's End
It hurts to breathe, air so cold your lungs might freeze. In this place of your dreams, sustaining you through all the nights. Where it was a fight to sleep.

Love or duty, both can betray, only lead you astray. These so called brothers, oh brothers, how long until you lose another. Three horns I fear, three horns I hear. Now they’ve left me, they’ve left me.

Emptier than you know. We are the watchers on the wall.

Howling winds will not cease, blue eyes so piercing. Dead things in the woods, those woods unending. Dead things in the water, around your neck.

And now my watch begins. And now our watch begins.